AMA-UH strives to motivate members with professional development opportunities, networking events, leadership development, and corporate experience. We create a welcoming environment for students, allowing them to grow, and utilize their resources to the fullest.


Who We Are

We are the American Marketing Association at the University of Houston Main Campus. We were established in 1971, making us the first student organization at the Bauer College of Business.

AMA-UH was formed for marketing students to further build their connections and skills that provide an insightful view into the corporate world. Our members are able to gain not only access to developmental opportunities, but to real world marketing experience by joining the University of Houston’s first student run marketing firm: Cougar Creative!

We proceed to grow as an organization that encourages students to innovate, become involved, and build connections. 

AMA-UH is proudly affiliated with AMA Houston and AMA Nationals. AMA Houston is our parent chapter and they provide networking events, special interest groups and real-world educational programs. AMA Nationals, our grandparent chapter, is considered one of the largest marketing associations in the world.


“While certain frameworks and assumptions in this universe have endured, adapted and evolved over the decades; in the marketing universe there is always new creation, and change is constant. The sun in this universe, around which everything revolves is, of course, the customer.”



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The Theme

Every semester, as a way to showcase our creativity, we rebrand ourselves. This semester, we decided to do a take on Alice in Wonderland. At times, college may seem as though you are falling down a rabbit hole. Periods of confusion may ensue as you are expected to make countless life altering decisions. That is where our organization comes in. We serve as a guiding hand, helping you not only navigate through college, but make the most of your time here.


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