The University of Houston's First Student Run Marketing Firm

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Cougar Creative is a student run marketing firm under the American Marketing Association at the University of Houston. As the business development side of AMA, Cougar Creative prepares our members with new skills and knowledge that they can use in their future careers. We specialize in social media marketing, website management and consultation, Search Engine Optimization, professional photo shoots, graphic design, live event coverage, and much more.

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About Us



To be a top tier student run marketing firm that aids students in strengthening their marketing skills, as well as give them greater insight into different marketing career paths. Together we will spark innovation, ignite imagination, and awaken change.


Cougar Creative works to give students real world marketing experience by working with companies and individuals from the greater Houston Area to help them strengthen their unique brand and increase their marketing presence.


Positions & Responsibilities

Creative Team Interns

  • Work effectively with teams to develop marketing content and strategies for clients

  • Design graphics, create social media posts, and manage websites

  • Expand personal network and make lasting bonds

  • Work schedule estimated to be 5-10 hours a week

Accounts Executive

  • Facilitates information and tasks between client, director, and team members

  • Organizes meetings, work documents, and projects

  • Build team synergy, manage coordination, and boost morale

  • Work schedule estimated to be 5-10 hours a week

Department Officers

  • Develop workshops and internal lesson plans to enhance members’ skill sets

  • Facilitate and encourage learning within Cougar Creative to boost productivity and intern experience

  • Create processes and documents to handle internal operations

  • Further external branding efforts of CC and build company culture

  • Expand personal network and make lasting bonds